I am BEAJ- your inner consciousness. I am a conscious consumer and potentially a conscious change creator- who wants to leave this planet a better place for our children. I am inside every such person who wishes to bring this change, however small. I am happy today that I am on a positive mission of sustainability which keeps me in a state of blisspline (blissful discipline).


I see the impact pollution is having around me- Environment degradation, decline in human health, global warming, ozone layer depletion, infertile land, poor food quality. Comparatively today I am breathing more toxic air, eating more contaminated food, living in hotter environment, having more drinking water issue than my forefathers. ….how will my next generation live? I understand the need to bring change and my humble contribution to it …… however small. I have consciously chosen to wake up the BEAJ in me who will sit on my sleeve and continuously remind me to perform my role of a good Samaritan. I am a part of bunch of people who have fallen in love with this planet and want to maintain it as good as we can for posterity.


My BEAJ tells me to practice sustainability which is nothing but the intersection of good environmental practices, equitable social values, viable economics, and timeless fashion. I need to promote a mechanism that fosters more engaged and sustainable ways of living on this precious and changing earth.In terms of sustainable fashion needs for me and my fellow Earthians, I will help in creating and supporting flourishing ecosystems and communities to achieve the following goals

1. Promote slow fashion: Fast fashion lives from cheaper multiple collections a year, pressures us to follow the latest trends, and forces us to consume more- the environmental impact is huge in terms of transportation pollution, high water usage, chemical usage, pesticide usage, high polyester usage. This even leads to social injustice due to higher productivity demand from workers and lower wages. Slow fashion is the antidote to what is happening today- a paradigm switch away.
2. Promote high-quality long-lasting garments also called timeless garments. Look around and see in your wardrobe some antique pieces which you have been wearing since ages. Think of quality argument when going shopping. Is this piece well sewed? Will I be able to wear this in 5 years’ time? Does it look good? The better the quality, the timeless it will be.
3. Promote garments having strong emotional durability or attachment (a white tee having words printed that gives positivity) or have some history attached or have a conscious consumer logo attached to it.
4. Promote manufacturing processes that use recyclable chemicals.
5. Promote natural and biodegradable yarns that use less pesticide such as organic cotton, bamboo, flax, hemp.
6. To promote biodegradable packaging initiatives contributing to increasing greenness.
7.To promote brands having sound social policies.8.To promote natural, skin-friendly garments.


We need clothes to cover our body. We all depend on the fashion industry almost as much as on water to drink. Clothes are an integral part of our identity. But behind this is a massive fashion industry which emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.
The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply, pollutes the oceans with micro plastics (34% of micro plastics found in ocean comes from clothing industry majorly made from polyester), 25% of world pesticides are used to grow non organic cotton, causes high landfills depositsBut wait! I love fashion!! I can still play my part by being an emotional and a conscious consumer.
I can be a green consumer by not only waking the BEAJ in me but also spreading it around by educating others to practice environment friendly consumption of clothing, among other practices.